Can You Really Get Fit in 30 Minutes?

4 Practice Everywhere Fitness Coaches Weigh In on 30 Minute Workouts

Oh, hello January. 

You’re here, again?

If you feel that the past 2 years have been a little bit like Groundhog Day you’re not alone. The new year might be the right time to stop the cycle of monotony and move forward with your health and fitness goals. 

But before you get started don’t pedal yourself into the same cycle of last year. Instead, tackle something not only fun, but totally attainable, like shorter workouts.

Yes, you heard that right!  Shorter workouts.

Let’s be real. If Covid19 has taught us anything it’s that life is precious and short. We would all rather be spending time with loved ones, pursuing our passions, and savoring every moment. 

Spending hours and hours killing ourselves at the gym is a thing of the past (can we get an amen?).  Effective and efficient workouts help you stay committed to the process, and maintain energy for the areas of life where you’d prefer to spend your time.  

Here are some 30 minute workout tips from four top-trainers who, like everyone, know the struggle of trying to fit it all in.

When it Comes to Short Workouts, Take A Long Term View

“What I remind my clients (and myself!) is this. The things you do with your body are cumulative. It all adds up over time,” says Lynn Hill, endurance athlete, mom of two, Practice Everywhere trainer, and owner of Yoga Story a Yoga & fitness studio in Northwest Arkansas.

Lynn went on to share, “30 minutes may seem like a little or a lot to you. But for all of us, no matter where we are in our fitness journey, it is the consistent habit of doing it over time that makes the biggest impact. It can be tough if you’re just starting out. But remember a year from now you have no idea where you’ll be!”

Attainable Goals Increase Focus (and Decrease Doubt)

I LOVE 30 minute workouts because I know I will complete them,” says Practice Everywhere Co-Founder, Suzie Mills.  As a business owner, mom of two little kids, and someone who spends more hours fighting D.C. area traffic than she would like, Mills says the 30 minute time-frame is perfect for her life. 

She continued, “A lot of people talk themselves out of working out before they even begin. But, when you only need 30 minutes to complete a workout you give it more of your focus and effort because you know it will go fast. Then you feel so confident when you’re done! I think that’s what makes all the difference when you’re tempted to skip it the next day.”

Making a Habit Isn’t Just for the Sweat-Factor

“If you're using your time efficiently and sticking to a routine, 30 minutes is really all you need each day,” says Hannah Pintea, the Chicago-based Practice Everywhere trainer whose life was forever changed after receiving an epilepsy diagnosis. 

Hannah didn’t let her diagnosis stop her from pursuing her fitness career. Now she offers her clients an inspiring perspective on what it takes to not only rebuild but to thrive through the process, “It’s important to remember, on days when you want to rest that you allow yourself to reset. But, stay in the habit of 30 minutes. Set aside that 30 minutes for mindfulness and gentle stretching. You’ll stay in your routine and begin to teach yourself that working hard AND resting  are both necessary for making a positive impact on your wellbeing!”

30 Minutes is a Sweet Spot that Banishes Excuses

“A 30 minute commitment can be life-changing, and no one says you can't do more. If you're feeling it - go for it,” says Practice Everywhere Founder, Julia Lopez. 

Julia says her clients, who all lead very different lives, still deal with the same feeling of being too busy to workout, “The thing is, I don't know a single person who doesn't feel busy. We all have competing priorities in life. But meeting a minimum of movement everyday is like taking your vitamins or brushing your teeth; it only works if you do it regularly. We all need it and truly, with a little bit of commitment,  the benefits come quicker than anyone expects!" 

Ready to begin?

The best way is to keep it simple! Start with 30 minutes of walking, or jogging, and incorporate free-weights or bodyweight exercises like squats, planks, and even push-ups a few days per week. If you love a guided program join Practice Everywhere’s 30 Day Challenge which begins January 11, 2022 and will be available for immediate replay for app subscribers.