How Did P.E. Get Started?

Hi there!

It's Julia, Founder of Practice Everywhere. 

Back in 2016, on a Tuesday, I was sitting in an empty yoga studio in between teaching classes. I got there way too early to avoid the traffic. If I hit that traffic I knew would be late to work making ridiculously early the only option. There I sat, in an empty studio, waiting for magic to spark as people walked in.

Studios are powerful places ... when they are full of people.

Want to know what a studio is are when people aren't inside?

A room.

It's a special room that someone or many people have loved. A room with a floor, and sometimes mirrors, that often smell of incense, candles, and sweat.

But without people that's all a studio is.

A room full of potential. 

The magic of a yoga studio cannot be met without people in the room.

People are the magic.

Not the room.

Sometimes it's tough to get into the studio on time. Or at all. 

Does that mean we should miss out on the magic? Absolutely not!

That's why Practice Everywhere exists. Yoga can really be done anywhere. 

The next week I started sending out free Tuesday emails with short practices in them, and I renamed my teacher training program to match. 

Yoga exists off the mat more than it does on the mat.

And the on the mat practice is the catalyst for off the mat practice.

It can be done anywhere and Everywhere you unroll a mat. 

So if we're taking our Practice Everywhere the mat better be pretty special. That's why our Practice Mats are sweat-wicking, durable, well-cushioned, beautiful, and stay in place when you flow.  

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Thank you for flowing with us!