Yoga in Real Life: Bhagavad Gita & Daily Living - 16 CEs

Yoga in Real Life: Bhagavad Gita & Daily Living - 16 CEs

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Join Canadian-born, Indian-American Yoga Teacher, Rachana Garg for this weekend exploration of the Baghavad Gita.

Rachana will share how the Gita has supported and informed her multi-cultural life, and how its wisdom connects her to her family's heritage and informs daily living. This module will include methods for studying the Gita, applying its wisdom in a practical way, and incorporating the themes of the Bhagavad Gita into your offerings as a movement and meditation teacher with respect to its roots.

This training will include lecture, discussion, practices & meditations.

Reading requirements are also included and a list of reading materials will be sent out after enrollment is complete.

Enrollment in this training is included in the 2022/2023 PE 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

For those who wish to take this training as a continued education course, complete the enrollment through this listing. 

About Your Trainer

Rachana Garg is a lifelong yogi. A yoga teacher known for her tender-hearted approach, Rachana offers a calm demeanor and perspective on mindfulness that stems from her cultural connection to Yoga as well as her personal approach to applying Yoga's wisdom to every day life. In class and trainings Rachana enjoys theming and sequencing to the seasons and energizing chakras. Clients who attend Rachana's classes and trainings receive a deep understanding of the relationship between their breath, their movement, and themselves and with eyes wide open to the Universe. In addition to leading movement and meditation classes and courses, Rachana is also a dedicated wife, and mother, and works with large corporations to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of their organization.